• Coco Villard

    Enjoyed Palm Sunday service today, with the palm leaves gently waving here in Lake Havasu City, AZ

  • Lynn Irons

    Listening right now from Ross University school of Veterinary medicine in St Kitts, west Indies. Been a crazy few weeks with emergency rotation and surgery rotation.
    back to back hours and hours without sleep, so glad to be getting re-grounded in christ before crawling into bed. Thanks for this streaming service!!!!

  • jronke

    no audio?

    • Nathan Hoogshagen

      Good morning jronke. It looks like everything is fine here on our end. Not sure what might be happening. Are you listening on a computer or a mobile device?

      • jronke

        I got it working now after I restarted, TY :)

        • Nathan Hoogshagen

          No problem at all! Thanks for joining us today! God Bless!

  • Deb Aspelin

    Watching live. Love this church…always speaks to my heart.

  • Caleb Ridley

    Having real volume troubles lately. It goes from having to lip read to blaring loud volume. I think you guys need some kind of decibel normalizer for constant volume!

    • Caleb Ridley

      This is true across all our family’s devices.

      • Nathan Hoogshagen

        Caleb I’m sorry to hear you had issues with the audio today. We will make sure to get this resolved :) Thanks for joining us!

  • Carmen Dimick Larson

    What a great message about God’s love! Thank you, Countryside for this series to help me in my life. Thanks to my brother, Doug and his wife Evelyn for the gift of Rick Warren’s book/workbook to follow along with all of you! Loved the music to worship and give love back to God today.

  • Altergott

    This makes changing oil and truck maintenance fun!

  • Scott Jones

    So happy to be a part of a local church family that reaches out globally. Great message!

  • Audra Nelson Bailey

    Another great message Pastor Mark

  • Nancy Kreulen

    Watching at home today. Soo . . . . cold. Pastor Mark always gives such a great message. Always feels like he’s speaking directly to me.

  • Guest

    Anyone else having issues with the sound today?

    • Brianne Michels

      Mine isn’t working at all now…

      • Brianne Michels

        Now I have the Welcome thing with sound.