• Enjoyed Palm Sunday service today, with the palm leaves gently waving here in Lake Havasu City, AZ

  • Lynn Irons

    Listening right now from Ross University school of Veterinary medicine in St Kitts, west Indies. Been a crazy few weeks with emergency rotation and surgery rotation.
    back to back hours and hours without sleep, so glad to be getting re-grounded in christ before crawling into bed. Thanks for this streaming service!!!!

  • jronke

    no audio?

    • Nathan Hoogshagen

      Good morning jronke. It looks like everything is fine here on our end. Not sure what might be happening. Are you listening on a computer or a mobile device?

      • jronke

        I got it working now after I restarted, TY 🙂

        • Nathan Hoogshagen

          No problem at all! Thanks for joining us today! God Bless!

  • Deb Aspelin

    Watching live. Love this church…always speaks to my heart.

  • Caleb Ridley

    Having real volume troubles lately. It goes from having to lip read to blaring loud volume. I think you guys need some kind of decibel normalizer for constant volume!

    • Caleb Ridley

      This is true across all our family’s devices.

      • Nathan Hoogshagen

        Caleb I’m sorry to hear you had issues with the audio today. We will make sure to get this resolved 🙂 Thanks for joining us!

  • Carmen Dimick Larson

    What a great message about God’s love! Thank you, Countryside for this series to help me in my life. Thanks to my brother, Doug and his wife Evelyn for the gift of Rick Warren’s book/workbook to follow along with all of you! Loved the music to worship and give love back to God today.

  • Altergott

    This makes changing oil and truck maintenance fun!

  • Scott Jones

    So happy to be a part of a local church family that reaches out globally. Great message!

  • Audra Nelson Bailey

    Another great message Pastor Mark

  • Nancy Kreulen

    Watching at home today. Soo . . . . cold. Pastor Mark always gives such a great message. Always feels like he’s speaking directly to me.

  • Guest

    Anyone else having issues with the sound today?

    • Brianne Michels

      Mine isn’t working at all now…

      • Brianne Michels

        Now I have the Welcome thing with sound.

  • How we doing out there Countrysiders?

  • Killing the microwave and peeps at once. How cool is that?

  • Amy Rogers

    Music is Awesome this morning!!

  • Shawn Marta

    Anyone else watching today?

    • Brianne Michels

      Almost every Sunday! I love that they have the online option.

  • Melissa Herman

    Missing all of you so very much but most of all missing worship and service!! So elated that I can watch online. It is as good as ever! Lord, we are so very thankful and we Praise you!
    Thank you for staying a strong staff and for staying strong in Jesus! You are speaking words of Truth to so many! Love you guys! We will always call Countryside home!:)
    Go get em at weekend of compassion! May mountains be moved….Wahooo!

  • Melissa Herman

    Pastor Mark, Love listening to the sermon this morning. Your compassion for others is apparent.

  • Melissa Herman

    Praying for all of God’s little lambs in Promiseland today! Love them so much and know they are having a fabulous time learning about Jesus! Give my little Nick a high five if you see him this morning! He gets to attend this morning! Very excited!

  • suzanne b

    I thought there was a link to watch past recorded sermon series. Am I wrong? I don’t see it now. Duh! lol 😉

  • laura martin

    Would like to watch but it keeps showing jw player….can you help me

  • laura martin

    I can’t get today’s service….screen for video says jwplayer….any ideas?

  • laura martin

    Trying to watch but video screen says…..jwplayer…I loaded it but can’t figure out the site…can u help?

  • Josh Burr

    Can’t wait to join in for the first time in a long time with my home church family! 🙂 Love and miss you all!

    All the way from Tucson! 🙂

  • Sandy Aldrich

    can’t get the message to open??

  • Laurie Lorius

    I was just curious if the live sevice only plays on iPhones?

  • Pam Nisley

    Thank you! Very blessed with the music worship, and ON TARGET MESSAGE – ON HYPROCISY. May each of us have the hearts desire to allow Christ to have HIS way – in ALL areas of our lives, including finances. Time here today was a total up-side, to my not being able to join others in worship locally!!!

  • Chris Fortune

    Very blessed to have the technology to be able to hear my friend Pastor Mark share his wonderful sermons. Wish I was closer to be there in person but am definitely there in spirit.

  • Kenneth Thompson

    Truly enjoy watching Live. Great messages Thank YOU from North Dakota

  • Laurie Lorius

    Is anyone else having trouble with this streaming?

  • Barnabas Koka

    Awesome job (as always) conveying God’s love Markus!!

  • Libby Nisley-Opstedahl

    Last week’s message from Pastor Jamie on parenting was awesome, and just what we needed to hear. I’m looking forward to today’s message in the “Family Matters” series!!

  • Elizabeth M Verhey

    I love my church and certainly prefer to be there in person. When that’s not possible, such as on days like today, I am so incredibly grateful for the ability to watch, join in worship, and listen to impactful messages online. Thank you!

  • Julie Ray

    Excellent word on marriage!! Thanks Pastor Mark!!

  • Elizabeth M Verhey

    Happy to be joining my Spearfish church family from Cali this morning!! Such a blessing to have online services from where my roots are. 🙂

  • Laurie Martin

    Will the June 2015 baptism ever be on here like previous baptisms? I assume not due to it being held outside?

  • Michelle Ramos

    Attending tonight from St Thomas, Virgin Islands! Sara Ramos says “hi” to Jaime and everyone from youth group! We miss being there in person but are SO grateful to be able to attend this way.

  • Michelle Ramos

    Happy Easter from the Virgin Islands!! from Michelle & Sara Ramos

  • Michelle Ramos

    My dad, Robin Hegge, is being baptized today. I am SO proud of him!! His granddaughter and I are watching from the Virgin Islands, wish we were there to give him great big hugs afterwards.

  • Kelly H

    I’m loving the un-Convention(al) ’16 series! And I love that I can watch from home if I can’t make it to the service.

  • Stacey Underberg Frank

    Good morning from Sheridan, Wyoming.

  • Tacy Chrispen

    Love the fact of being home sick and can still be with my church on-line.

  • Pat Ford

    I’m one of those single adults, but I don’t WANT to be single.

  • Pat Ford

    I’m lonely and have chronic pain due to a disability, but GOD is taking care of me until He brings someone new into my life. Thank you, Pastor Mark, for today’s message!!!

  • Kelly H

    Pastor Jamie, what an amazing message today in Seasons! This really doesn’t just go for parenting, it was a great message for everyone! Little did I know when I shared the Live link telling people to “make time for God, because he always has time for you” did I know how perfect the message would fit!